Part L Compliance 

On the 1st March 2014, the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – or ‘BC(A)R’ was introduced which has altered the process of building and certifying a residential home in Ireland.

As a result, ensuring compliance with Part L “Conservation of Fuel and Energy” of the Building Regulations for new residential buildings is an essential step for assigned certifiers in the certification process.

OTE Solutions provide independent energy advice to homeowners, architects, engineers and builders on the requirements to achieve Part L compliance. This advice includes:

– Energy Specifications For Tender Documents.

– Guidance Document for Homeowner, BuilderUnder construction

& Assigned Certifier.

– U-Value Calculations For Floors, Walls, Roofs.

– Heating System Options. (Oil, Gas, Heat Pump. Etc.)

– Renewable Technology Options.

– Checklist On Documentation Required To Complete

And Publish the Final BER.

– Part L Conformance Report for Assigned Certifiers.

Achieving Part L compliance with the 2011 Building Regulations standard is not just about achieving the standard “back stop” U-values permitted and aiming for an “A” rated house. To achieve Part L Compliance, new dwellings must achieve the following performance criteria:

– Conformity with maximum average U-Value requirements of walls, roof, floor insulation, etc.

– The Maximum Permitted Energy Performance Coefficient (MPEPC) should be no greater than 0.40

– The Maximum Permitted Carbon Performance Coefficient (MPCPC) should be no greater than 0.46

– A reasonable proportion of the energy consumption to meet the energy performance is to be provided by renewable energy sources

As a result, simply adhering to the standard permitted construction types to ensure compliance is not acceptable and a holistic approach must be applied to the construction and “make up” of the house.

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Technical Documents: Part L compliance 2011 (Click to download further information.)